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Lotus online preschool

With the second wave of the coronavirus, we have been forced to go back indoors. But as the pandemic rages on outside it doesn’t mean the end of your child’s education. To keep up with the changing times, we have adapted a model that is the need of the hour: online preschool. Most parents are of course skeptical of preschool online classes and their effectiveness. However, we can assure you that right now what your kids need is interaction with others their age. Even if it is via virtual classes and on a screen.

Lotus Preschool offers the best programs for kids. With our online preschool learning classes at home for kids, we bring them up to speed with what they would have learned in the classroom. Your kids can start learning via virtual classes today. It is more important for your kids to begin their education. Whether it happens in a classroom or online, is secondary.

online preschool admission

Now is the time to enroll your kids in the Lotus Preschool program. You can easily find the Lotus Preschool online preschool admissions process on our website. It’s quite an easy process and your kids will have the opportunity to learn in an interactive way albeit being online.

Online admission form

You can find the online admission form on our website. While we understand that you are worried about the lockdown affecting your kids’ education, there is no reason why their learning needs to come to a stop. When the world returns to normalcy your kids can come back to a classroom. Until then, let them study and learn virtually from the safety of their homes.

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